today i feel finished. after i re-did the eyes, it looked a little bit more like me.

someone was looking at it when i was working on it and said, “that doesn’t look like you. but it does.” : ) i couldn’t agree more. it’s definitely not how i think of myself, but that isn’t the point. it’s what you SEE, not what you think of yourself. so yes, i think that i was able to finish well.

i worked a lot on the eyes, a few details on the neck, tried to lighten it up more, and especially the nose. nell pointed out that the nose looked like it caved in because of the shading. i couldn’t have agreed more, so i definitely changed that. overall, i loved this project. it might have been my favorite because of the time i spent on it compared to the others. it’s like a mother: she will always love her baby the most, and this portrait was my “baby” of the semester. bad metaphor, i know, but i’m obviously burnt out from studying for these finals. goodbye for now.


rainy saturday

today, the weather was very dull. it rained almost the entire day and it looked like nighttime when i was working on my portrait. i had originally expected not to have much left to accomplish today, but i should have known better : ). i began by perfecting my face, making it lighter, and i also added detail around my face. i’m not so sure about my hair… that part was very hard. then nell pointed out that my eyes were unproportional to the rest of my face. so i blacked out the eyes. but then i got really hungry and realized that lunch was about to end. so, it may not seem like i did much, but i feel like i can see the difference. also, as i am getting closer to finishing, i am backing up and looking at the portrait from far away too. here are some pictures of today’s work:

these eyes look really strange hahahaha

this is where i stopped today : P but with more energy and food in my stomach, i’ll finish them next time!

winding down…

the semester is winding down. i’m updating now because we only really have one class this week, which was yesterday. tomorrow is SpARC! i am presenting and feeling a bit nervous, but i’m ready!

this post will come with a story… last friday, i spent most of the day outside because the sunshine was so beautiful. however, i deeply regretted that this past weekend, during which i spent in a lot of pain and mainly covering my face with cold washcloths. on monday morning, before class, i hopped on marta after making an emergency appointment with my dermatologist, and he informed me that i had first degree burns on large areas of my face which was a reaction between the sun and the acne medicine that he prescribed to me in january. the reason i’m blogging about this is because, truthfully, monday’s class was a little emotional. i hadn’t really allowed myself to look in the mirror this weekend because i knew it’d make me upset: burning my skin scares me, especially since i care so much about it. so, on top of the pain, i was forced to stare at my face in the mirror, but i think that made me stronger. after that, i began to accept how i looked and realize that it’s going to heal and go away.

as for my progress during class, i am extremely excited. i feel like i have really begun to understand how to form my face by erasing and thinking about the values that make it possible to do this. i worked up to my right eye, and then down to one side of my top lip. i’ve added some pictures of my progress! i truly can’t wait to go back and continue working!

it’s been about one week since i last updated. since then, we worked on our self portraits and prepared for the annual student exhibition.

i am feeling very pleased thus far with my self portrait! i didn’t line up the eyes completely correct the first time, but nell was a wonderful help and opened my eyes to true proportions, which have been challenging. using the string method in the mirror is complicated because of the reflection. i am trying my best to focus on very small places and move to the next by contrasting the values of shade and lightness. it’s been working much better than my original outlining approach.

after wednesday’s class, we all went downstairs to hang up our chairs on the wall. it was important to space everything evenly. we started by measuring the length of the room. then, since there were 18 pictures, we found the middle and 9 were placed on either side. i really like how they are arranged – one chair begins, and then as you move your eyes to the right across the wall, the chair appears to be spinning. since nell had already given us a plan of how to arrange the chairs, i found it pretty easy. however, i have noticed the placing in museums, and it’s so precise and always looks wonderful. i once watched a short film about the louvre during one of my visits to the high. the curators stood in front of these massive paintings, just staring and considering how to arrange them. it was very interesting how they decided – size, color, frame, etc.

on thursday night, i went to the opening of the exhibition. i took a friend with me (lauren), and she enjoyed the work, but probably not as much as me : ) it’s so amazing to see my own work on the wall beside everyone else’s beautiful pieces. everyone seemed to really enjoy the animals. the porcupines were one of my favorites. a student in the other class had made them (avi). i also stayed around for the luchsingers, who did an amazing job as well!

i will add pictures next week! i haven’t gotten much farther than the nose/beginning of an eye… patience is a necessity in this class/ all art.

self portrait.

“do not outline!”

“darkest darks, lightest lights!”

what else did i hear? : ) they were all wonderful suggestions, but i still managed to begin by outlining. i think that when nell helped me and i walked through the different shades just on my nose, i began to understand. that was a tremendous help. i am really excited to see how this work turns out. i left dana covered in small black spots on me, but i love the evidence of art on a person.

this first picture shows how i outlined, and the last is the miracle that nell created within me just by discussing shading. i need to stop looking at the big picture and focus in on one area. i also need to erase what i SEE, not what my mind is telling me/ is used to seeing.

animal critique

these elephant peacocks were absolutely amazing. they were so abstract and definitely illustrated using “found objects”. things i really loved: how the female elephant/peacocks had the copper rings, the roughness of the bark against the smooth wire and then the craziness of the thread, but yet it all fit in so perfectly. our discussion about the elephants was amazing. i never knew that they returned to the grandmother after her death, so i think it’s great that the remains of the grandmother are included. the colors are beautiful; cool and calm. the sizes that separate the ages of the elephant peacocks is also wonderfully thought out. i am just altogether amazed at the simplicity and abstractness of these pieces, yet they are so complicated at the same time. can’t say enough about them… just wonderful.

tiny animals

this assignment, to create tiny animals, goes something like this:

tiny animals
thinking in three dimensions

design elements:
negative / postive shape (in space)
surface texture
scale (in this case all animals will be relatively “small”, but within each piece consider the scale of size of parts of the piece to the other piece)

materials: wire frames, sculpey and other found objects

project description:
create a fantastical or realistic animal (imagined or mimicked) that is endowed in three dimensions with elements of three dimensional form. (you may make more than one!)

your animal should be no larger than 8” in any direction and bigger than 1” in every direction.

you may use: wire, sculpey, glue, paper or any other objects you may find and collect to form your animals.

the unity of the project will come with the repetition of some elemental “animal essence” traits that will appear in each person’s figure. the piece will work as a whole, with 33 animals making up the “stable” of the piece.

in all aspects consider:

what are the essential elements that give your animal a spirit? how little is necessary to include? how much mass or definition is too much?
the element of surprise that makes looking at the piece from each side a varied and/or unexpected experience

artists in the powerpoint/lecture: alexander calder, mike kelley, pablo picasso, jeff koons, deborah butterfield

and this is my own process:

the work day in class left me with very little inspiration. i was not coming up with much of anything…

originally, i had intended to make an octopus…

but then, as i found the legs, decorated them, and smashed them into the stress ball,

i began to see this creation more as a jellyfish. i actually used the wire of the alligators to create a hoop around the stress ball and i covered the ball in glue to add the colorful paper i hole punched:

this is my jellyfish:

compared to a real jellyfish:

my element of surprise was meant to be the colorfulness of the inside – adding to the “spirit” of the jellyfish. i always picture them as being very colorful and playful as they bounce through the ocean water. also, i used tissue paper, attaching it to the metal hoop and covering the top, in order for the jellyfish to have less circular shape. the tissue paper also was meant to be a transparent element, similar to a real jellyfish.

this wasn’t the only jellyfish i created – i started over completely after the first one. i don’t like how “messy” the animal appears. i couldn’t shape it how i really wanted. after the critique, i realized that i was trying to be much too realistic in my creation, which i alwayyys tend to do. i was very excited about creating something abstract, but, especially after seeing the peacock-elephants, i wanted to go back and make this jellyfish much much much more abstract. i want it to not have a plain form, i want it to create more open dialogue and many more interpretations. i think that the “realness” definitely detracts from the finished product. people seemed to like my choice of gold and pink and the transparency element of tissue paper, which were all intended. however, i am going to continue to think about this animal and try to approach the project in other ways…